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5 Reason Why you need RO Purifier in Nepal


Why you need RO Purifier in Nepal. Drinking pure water is as important as drinking enough water. How is the water you drink, please let us know in the comment below?

Water is one of the basic human necessities and it plays a vital role in the functioning of the body. The human body is composed of 60 – 70  % water and it varies according to age, sex and hydration levels. Some major roles that water plays in the human body are temperature regulation and waste removal in the form of urine, sweat etc. Research also shows that your health completely depends on the amount and type of water you drink. Though Nepal is one of the richest country in water resources, it is evident that people are lacking access to safe and pure drinking water. Whether it’s in city or rural areas people are compelled to drink and use unsafe water. 

So, clean water is the necessity of every human being in today’s world and by using a RO Water Purifier you can ensure that the water you drink is pure, safe and healthy.

Here we give you 5 reasons why you need RO purifier In Nepal:

 1. Improves The taste of water

        Tap water which has been travelling through old pipes & bottled water which has been stored for too long picks up unwanted taste, flavours, bacteria and minerals. These unwanted substitutes change the taste of water to sulphur smell or foul smelling and by drinking this water, you might encounter some major disease.

     So, RO Water Purifier by using its semi-permeable membrane removes excess TDS & unwanted substitutes in water and leads to sweet tasting drinking water.

 2. Improves the color of water –

Water which we extract from underground is naturally red, brownish or yellowish in color due to the presence of iron, organic matter & arsenic. By using RO Water Purifier, you can get rid of those colors and unwanted minerals.

3. Removes Unwanted Substances  – 

As water we receive at our home contains unwanted chemicals and bacteria like leads, arsenic & pesticides. Ordinary filters can’t remove them. The only best way to get 100 % pure water is through a process of Reverse Osmosis where water passes in a form of concentrated solution to dilute solution thus delivering purest water.

4. Keeps you healthy

Reports suggest that more than 80 % of diseases in Nepal are because of unsafe drinking water. So as soon as you start drinking pure water it improves the functioning of the body and regulates body temperature as per the surroundings. Drinking pure water helps in maintaining heart rate, body weight and strengthening the immune system.

 5. Saves Money

RO Water Purifier delivers pure drinkable water and keeps you healthy. Your expense on buying bottled water, health service is saved. Drinking pure water keeps you energized & active with which you can focus on your daily tasks.

With so many benefits you shall not ignore the benefits of drinking pure water. RO Purifier is a one time investment through which you can get regular returns in the form of health benefits and pure water supply. And you can get the best RO water purifier at Mahendra Purifier, here with us you get the high quality premium products with best after sales service. We are now available all over Nepal for your service. We are just one call away from you : 9801558301

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