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What is the difference in between the UV and RO water purifiers?

RO UV Water Purifier

As per the study suggests, people in Nepal know very less about water purification techniques. As most of the nepalese home prefer using the traditional method for water purification such as boiling, sedimentation and decantation, simple filtration(these techniques are extremely beneficial for water purification), but the major thing is that along with the centralization and unplanned urbanization pollution has taken a toll on our lives specially, water resources are on the highest radar of being affected. So,to purify the water with extreme levels of impurities we need to consider the support of enhanced technology such as using water purifiers.

Water purifiers were out there for a very long time but in the context of Nepal people are considering the use of water purifiers just recently. People have very least or almost zero knowledge about water purifiers. People often seem confused about what these water purifiers are? What is the difference between RO and UV water purifier? …………….and the questions seem unending.

So, through this blog we want to clear all your doubts by explaining what UV and RO water purifiers are and simple differences between these water purifiers.

RO water purifiers stands for Reverse Osmosis process in which impurities are filtered out by the help of a semipermeable membrane that only allows the water molecule to pass through it. If you want to know more about Reverse osmosis you can go through our previous blog. You will have a better picture about it through that blog also.

UV water purifier stands for UltraViolet water purifier these water purification use the UV radiations for the purpose of killing harmful germs and microbes in your water. It’s kind of like a natural therapy to kill the germs.

Now comes the major deal, the difference in between these two water purifiers. Let’s talk step wise step:

  1. UV water purifiers kills all the germs in the water but the dead bodies of the germs still remains floating in the water as these purifier doesn’t have any mechanism to remove these dead remainings of the germs whereas for the RO water purifier they kill the germs and they also have the mechanism to remove those dead remainings of the germs from the water.
  2. RO water purifiers are best for the removal of undissolved salt,impurities and harmful chemicals from the water but UV purifiers fail to do so.
  3. RO purifiers have  a built-in-pre-filtration system that helps it work with dirty and muddy water.On the other hand ,UV filters do not work with muddy water.The water needs to be clear,in order to kill the bacteria effectively.Hence, UV filters may not be good option for areas where the water has high amount of sediments.

These are the three differences that separates the two water purifiers from each other. Both of them have their perks and cons. While choosing either of them be very cautious about everything such as your water type, brand for the water purifier, cost, reliability so on and so forth. Know more about things to choose while buying a water purifier in Nepal.

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