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How can you test the quality of water?


water quality TesT at Home

Clean drinking water is essential to human health. If you notice odors or discoloration in the water coming from your tap, then the water may be contaminated. However, there might be dangers lurking in your water system that don’t give any warning signs. That’s why it’s always well worth the effort to research the standard of your home’s water, especially if you’ve got a well.


Water testing is the initiative toward improving water quality; you’ve to know what’s wrong alongside your water before you’ll fix it. 

If you are in a municipal water system, then your water utility is required to send you an annual water quality report called a Consumer Confidence Report. This report will offer you the foremost recent water testing results, including any contaminants, minerals, and metals contained in your city or town’s water system. If you’ve got a personal well, managing your water quality is entirely up to you.

If you would like to check the standard of the water in your home, have your water professionally tested otherwise you can roll in the hay yourself with a home testing kit.

Pure Water is the World’s First and Foremost Medicine. – Slovakian Proverb.

There are many home water testing kits available today. One of the foremost popular test types uses test strips. To use a test strip, fill a container with water, dip a test strip in, and wait a couple of minutes. You can then compare the color changes on the strip to a chart included with the testing kit.

Another popular sort of home water test requires the user to fill a vial with water, add a couple of drops of a testing solution, then compare the water’s color to a chart.

Both sorts of testing kits can provide accurate measures of pH, hardness, chemicals, and chloride in their home’s water system.

 For more robust testing that can detect metals, microorganisms, and nitrates in the water, contact an EPA-certified water testing service near you.

Depending on the contaminants in your water system, you would possibly need a softener, UV light, or reverse osmosis system. Purchasing drinking water and using point-of-use water filtration modules are popular, but these alternatives are impractical if you would like safe water throughout the house.

Fortunately, there is a practical water filtration solution to get rid of contaminants from your home’s water source and supply you with excellent benefits. The result is clean and filtered water available in the least household faucets, and appliances. 

However, make sure that you use a water purifier from a renowned brand that helps in removing impurities from your water and makes it safe for consumption.

If you want healthy and great-tasting water, talk to the water quality specialists at Mahendra Purifier.

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