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6 Factors to be considered while buying water purifier in Nepal


Water Purifier in Nepal is extremely crucial for making water drinkable. With the increase in pollution, the need for water purifier has increased more than ever. Now that we have understood why we need water purifiers there comes the difficult part. Knowing why to buy the water purifiers is 10 times easier than considering factors while buying one

In this blog, we will walk you through  6 major factors that you need to consider while buying a water purifier, especially in Nepal. 

1. One should know about the water quality

The first and foremost thing before buying any water purifier, you need to know about the quality of water that you are using as drinking water. You need to perform some tests to know about the quality of water that you are using on a daily basis.

The thing with water is that they could have completely different qualities depending upon the area where you belong to. And one thing you must keep in mind is that there is a different range of water purifiers in the market performing purification for specific kinds of impurities.

Your drinking water could have different impurities such as sand particles, sediments and to purify those, RO purifiers are the best choice but these purifiers may not be the best choice for purifying water with different chemicals such as arsenic, calcium, magnesium.

2. Purification process and Technology

All the existing water purifiers in the market of Nepal use some sort of water purification technique to purify your drinking water. The best way to select water purifiers from different brands is to compare their purification technology.

There are different types of water purifiers like RO, UV, UF, and many others. All of them have unique processing and technological differences.

RO which stands for Reverse Osmosis treatment uses a semi-permeable membrane to remove Hardness, Metals, Ions, Molecules, and larger particles from drinking water. 

Then there is UV which stands for Ultraviolet water purifier system which uses Ultraviolet rays to kill germs present in the water. 

Then there is UF which stands for Ultrafiltration. UF uses Hydrostatic pressure against a semipermeable membrane to purify bacteria and viruses from water. 

It is really important for you to check a number of purification stages involved in water purification. You can select this product based on the purification technology that suits your requirement.

3. Maintenance service

While buying a water purifier you must have a detailed inquiry on the maintenance service that will be provided to you by the company from where you purchase your water purifier.

 At Mahendra Purifier, we provide an affordable instalment service to our customers with 0% interest and ease their life with 

  • Free lifetime service
  • Routine -service every 3 months visiting their own house

 So that our customers don’t have to invest much of their time and money.

4. Need to be clear about the Daily usage

Water purifiers are of different types. If you are purchasing a water purifier for your family then you need to know about the daily consumption or intake of water that your family makes and hence, buy a water purifier.

But sometimes you might want to buy the water purifier system for your newly started company or for your institution. In such cases, Domestic water purifiers might not be sufficient and it might be adding extra pain to your pockets too. 

So you need to make the right choice on what type of water purifier you are getting.

To make things easier at Mahendra we provide our customers with three different types of purifiers

  • Domestic water purifier for your home
  • Institutional water purifiers
  • Industrial RO Water purifiers

You can choose any of these water purifiers according to your convenience.


“ Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten”

For you as a customer quality must be the number one thing to consider while buying any product. If you don’t buy a registered product then in the future you might not be able to entertain all the services that the company claims to provide you with that product.

Being one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of water purification systems In Nepal all the products that we at Mahendra sell are properly tested and registered.

 Prompt delivery, installation, and demonstration, after-sales service, prompt handling of customer complaints, and consumer education are some services that we provide along with our products.

6. Keep track of your budget 

Budget is one of the key factors that we all consider before buying anything, it’s not just for water purifiers. We all want to buy products that are high in quality and a little less painful for our pockets. 

Water purifiers range from a few thousand to many lakhs. Investing in a water purifier is not an everyday investment it is an investment for a longer period of time. So, make sure you make a wise investment. 

At Mahendra Purifiers, we make things a little easier for you by providing affordable installment offers and providing high-quality virus-free water purifiers at a very affordable price.

Final words

Choosing a water purifier in Nepal has never been easy but if you consider the above 6 factors while choosing one then the job is done for you. Make a wiser choice.

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