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Institutional Water Purifier 50 Ltr

Institutional Water Purifier 50 Ltr

NPR 99,990.00

A rebel in water purifier in Nepal, Mahendra Purifier provides 100% protected water, filtered with RO technology at a fascinating rate of 25 and 50 liters per hour. This product is best suitable for institutions sized 25-100 persons like; corporates, schools, colleges, educational institutes, kindergartens, hospitals, and many more. Mahendra Purifier is ideal for purifying well water, pump water, muddy, simply water from any source.

Did you know: Worldwide, about 70% of diseases get induced from contaminated water! Boiling of the water only kills viruses and bacteria, but it can not remove harmful impurities like pesticides, arsenic, fluoride, etc. RO technology makes water 100% safe from all sorts of organisms and chemicals, making it the ultimate choice for everyday consumption.

Mahendra Purifier offers the most outshining service, quality, and performance in comparison to its price.

Our after-sales services:

  • 1-year warranty on the product.
  • Free delivery and installation.
  • Free routine service: Every 3 months
  • Free Life Time Service.

Features and Specifications :

Models: 25 Liters per Hour 50 Liters per Hour
Purification Technology : 100% Safety with RO Technology 100% Safety with RO Technology
Suitable size of people: 25 – 50 people 25 – 100 people
Product Dimensions ( L*B*H) in cm: 52.7 cm * 29.5 cm * 78.7 cm

19.0 KG (Approx)

Storage Capacity: 25 Litres included External Storage Needed
Net Weight: 19.0 KG (Approx)
Storage Capacity: 25 liters 50 liters
Purification capacity: 25 Liters per Hour 50 Liters per Hour
Installation Type: Wall Mounting Wall Mounting
Material Of Construction: Food Grade Food Grade

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