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Do you really need a Water Purifier?


Need of Water Purifier  

How can you tell the water you are drinking on a day-to-day basis is safe? You might look at the color of water, filter it, boil it, or use other traditional techniques. But is it enough to ensure the safety of the water that you drink? Can the ancient method efficiently remove all the microbes, solids, chemicals, and harmful substances dissolved in water, or do we need water purifiers considering the increasing water pollution in most cities and villages of Nepal? 

Nepal, despite being amongst the richest countries in terms of water resources, more than 80% of Nepalese do not have access to safe drinking water, as per the report published by the Department of Water Supply and Sewerage management in 2017 AD. 

The leading cause out of all is the prevailing water pollution. Though the rivers of our country carry religious value, it is still getting polluted day-by-day. The most important use of water is the household purpose, cooking, and drinking. Due to a lack of awareness in people and strong management, water bodies get exploited disastrously with activities such as:

  • Bathing and washing of clothes on the source of water.
  • Dumping of household waste.
  • Mixing waste pipe-line on flowing rivers.
  • Bathing of cattle, and animals rearing near source of water. 
  • Industries release harmful industrial chemicals like arsenic, chlorine, Ammonia, Barium, on the source of water.

Drinking water that contains harmful industrial waste, human and animal impurities, and a mixture of different viruses and bacteria can have a life-threatening effect on the human body when consumed directly or with ineffective filtration. A person might suffer from water-borne diseases like:

  • Cholera
  • Diarrhea
  • Typhoid Fever
  • Escherichia Coli (E. Coli)

and can even suffer from long-term lethal diseases because of regular consumption of impure water.

While studying the arsenic content in the household drinking water of the Terai region by Nepal Arsenic Steering Committee in April 2020, out of 500,000 wells tested in Terai, more than 2.5 percent of them exceeded the Nepal Interim Standard 0.05 ml/l in their arsenic content. The number is far above the 0.01 ml/l standard set by the World Health Organization. The result also helped to prove the high cases of water-borne diseases in the region. After all, many people in the Terai region are still sustaining their life in-ground and tube well water. The health risk is on the verge of increment with all this unmanaged urbanization and pollution to an extreme level.

With the technological transformation in the 21st century, pure water can be accessible in every family. A water purifier is one such boon of modern technology. In a nutshell, water purifiers are devices used for purifying your water. 

Among the water purifiers in Nepal, Mahendra Purifier is the only manufacturer company certified with ISO 9001:2015, ROHS, and CE certifications. Mahendra purifier Pvt. Ltd. provides a wide range of premium products that prevent you and your family from getting sick due to today’s water pollution. Unlike any other company, Mahendra Purifier provides free service for a lifetime, free installation and demonstration, quality after-sales service, timely handling of customer complaints, and clear consumer education about each product. 

Water purifiers are one of them. In a nutshell, water purifiers are devices used for purifying your water.

Water purifiers being affordable, space-friendly, and easy to use is the best option to choose if you are actually looking forward to ensuring safe drinking water for you and your family.

 Thousands Have Lived Without Love, Not One Without Water. – W.H.Auden

Water is the mother of us all. The responsibility to protect and make proper utilization of it falls upon all of us. Let’s pass on the importance of purer water for a healthier world while making sure that you are drinking pure. 

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