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Top 5 Morning Rituals Every Woman Should Follow


“Just five more minutes”. Does this sound familiar? It certainly does. We’ve all been told to get up early in the morning, but we all know how difficult it is. Most of us find ourselves hitting the snooze button at least 10 times before we drag ourselves over to the kitchen to get our first cup of strong coffee of the day. Your bed is just too comfy, and you never want to get out of those soft covers. Women, in particular, struggle to balance the hassle of home and work, and the reason is quite obvious. There’s a lot a woman has to handle in her day to day life. So, to help you get through your hectic schedule, we’ve compiled a list of top 5 morning rituals that every woman should follow. Read on. 

  1. Replace your morning coffee with lemon water

While there is no doubt that coffee has its own health benefits, there’s a drink that’s even better; lemon water. Coffee may give you a boost of energy, but then you get a caffeine crash, which leaves you feeling exhausted just as when you first woke up. Caffeine, in fact, does more damage than good to your health. You grow overly reliant on caffeine to stay active in the late afternoon.

We suggest you to drink lemon water right after you wake up, on an empty stomach every morning. Lemon water will help to get your digestive system moving in the morning and it is an excellent detox drink for getting that glowing, beautiful skin. Besides, being a good source of ascorbic acid, lemon water also boosts up the body’s natural immune system. However, be certain that the water you drink is free of contaminants. It is preferable to invest in an efficient water purifier in order to enjoy good health. lemon water also comes under morning rituals.

  1. Establish a skincare routine and stick to it

Don’t forget to look after your skin. You just need a quick routine, but if you have additional time or want extra indulgence, put on a face mask while brushing your teeth. If you’re often on the move, be sure to wash your face with a good face wash and clean water to avoid breakouts. You’ll be caring for your skin in the long run while enjoying substantial immediate radiance for the rest of the day. Use a moisturizing body lotion or oil to care for the remainder of your body. Your skin will thank you for everything you have done.

If your water is too hard, consider installing a water purifier. Aside from drinking, many individuals also use RO water purifiers to wash their faces as the pH of reverse osmosis water is about 5, which is closer to the pH of your skin.

  1. Organize your office bag a night before

Why blame anyone else for losing an important file while going for an important meeting when the real culprit is the unorganized morning routine you follow? Organize your office bag in advance with all the necessary things in place.

Don’t forget about the water bottle when you’re organizing the items of your office bag. Even if you don’t get time to drink enough water at home, you can do the same in the office or even while traveling. After all, it’s important to stay hydrated. The water you drink outside may be contaminated so get yourself one big bottle that will last you all day long and fill up your bottle with pure water straight out of your water purifier. 

Wrapping Up

A consistent but scheduled start to the day might help you stay organised throughout the day. The morning rituals are always preferable than an unplanned start to the day. Besides, remember to drink lots of water and stay hydrated for a healthy lifestyle. If you want to install a water purifier at your home, contact Mahendra Purifier at 9801558320.

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