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Buy Induction cooker: An eco-friendly option.


Buy Induction Cooker:

Cooking is one of the most common activities in our Nepali culture. We take cooking as a moment to share joy and happiness along with our loved ones through food. While emerging mankind has crossed different phases of development along with that the method used for cooking is also changing dynamically.

Staring from the firewood to kerosene stove to gas stove we have seen it all. And these days there is a new buzzing technology that is taking over the city market i.e. The Induction Cooker which is best known for its eco-friendly nature.

The Induction cooker being free from any type of gas cylinder or kerosene has become the number one choice for many Nepalese people out there in the market.

In 2016, just after the big earthquake hit Nepal, Nepal went through a huge economic crisis. There was no proper supply of fuels and gases which was adding more challenges in the life of Nepali’s people. So, when people faced the extreme shortage of gas cylinders they slowly started searching for an easy way out i.e. choosing Electric Induction Cookers.

One of the most attractive features of this cooker is that it totally runs on electricity and according to one of the news published by Kathmandu post “Electricity had reached 95.5 percent of Nepal’s population as of 2017, according to the Energy Progress Report. Only 1.3 million out of 29 million Nepalis remain to be connected to an electricity supply. In 2010, only 65 percent of the population had an electricity connection.” Coming to 2021 we can say that almost every Nepali today has access to electricity.

This is also one of the major reasons why the induction cooker’s market is booming here in Nepal.

Best suited for all types of cooking these induction cookers are also a safeguard against environmental pollution. Induction Cookers use electromagnetic energy instead of direct heat transfer and do not lose a significant amount of energy by heating the surrounding air, making them more eco-friendly.

Not only that when you will use or buy an induction cooker you will cut the use of gases into half so more or less you are contributing towards a more eco-friendly environment for you as well as for others i.e. you are making the earth a better place for living.

We, Mahendra purifier being a pioneer for an eco-friendly Nepal we always look forward to launching the best environmentally friendly products possible in the market. We have already set a benchmark in the market with our past products such as domestic water purifiers, Industrial water purifiers, etc. Likewise, we have launched our Induction Cooker with the slogan “Induction cookers for hassle-free cooking.” Buy induction cooker from Mahendra Purifier.

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