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5 Reasons Not to Use Bottled Water ?

bottled water

Bottled Water is a water which is stored in a plastic or glass vessel after a certain process of treatment for its purification purposes. Water in these cases may be supplied after a certain process of purification method like R0 – Reverse Osmosis, deionization and distillation. Usually the process of reverse osmosis is followed and plastic bottles are used for storage purposes. Plastic bottles are used because of their low cost and easy availability.

Though water purification methods in case of packed water are safe, it is not sure that they follow the process as mentioned on their label. Often it is heard in the news about the misconduct of such bottled water companies. The process of storage and supply also makes it harmful for human consumption and the environment as well. So, here we provide you five reasons for why you should not use bottled water.

  1. Harmful to health –

  Water stored in plastic bottles can lead to chemical leaching when exposed to heat and toxic chemicals from plastics may release into the water. This water when drunk might cause serious health problems and illness

2. Might not be filtered Properly –

      Bottled water might not be filtered properly. In the thought of earning fast money, bottled water companies may fill tap water in bottles directly without following safety measures and purification processes. It is not sure that bottled water is safe and pure for drinking and might cause health problems to those who consume it.

3. Environmental Threat – 

    Plastics have since long been a threat to the environment as it leaks harmful chemicals into our environment and takes about 1000 years to decompose. This can cause a variety of health problems including cancer, reproductive problems and environmental degradation as well.

4. Commercialization of Water – 

      Water is a basic need for survival and is abundantly found in nature. But it is a toughest challenge for most government organizations to supply pure drinking water to meet human needs due to urbanization and population change. And Private entities are taking advantage of it with the commercialization of drinking water.

You can break this by installing water purification systems at your own house and drinking 100 % pure and drinkable water at your own home.

5. It’s easier to get Pure Water at Home – 

     Yes, why would you buy bottled water at high cost, when you can have a source of pure water at your own home. By installing RO systems at your home you can get the purest water. This can save your time, money and ensure you a healthy life.

Reverse Osmosis is the best method for purification of water and it can be made easily available in your home. The water purified through this process is found to be 100 % pure and drinkable. Mahendra Purifier provides you the best reverse osmosis based water purification systems for your home, institution and industry. We also provide the best after sales service in the water treatment and purification industry in Nepal.

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