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Mahendra Purifier’s Affiliate Marketing Program

Welcome for an opportunity to earn while helping us create a healthier Nepal. Mahendra Purifier helps every individual earn their living while working in their area of expertise. We provide amazing creatives and attractive offers to make it easier for associates to approach a wider audience with more confidence. Our products are a modern-day necessity of every Nepalese household, institution, and even industry. Become an Affiliate and start earning.

Unlike competitors, Mahendra Purifier provides a Free lifetime service and routine follow-up. On each product sale, affiliates get attractive incentives and commissions as per the company policy.

Want to join us?

It’s simple! All you need to do is follow Sign Up for the Affiliated Marketing Program, recommend Mahendra Purifier’s products to your audience, and receive your earnings.

Step 1

Sign Up

Join with the Mahendra Purifier community all over Nepal and earn with the affiliated marketing program.

Step 2


Share our products with your audience. We provide customized tools that fit your blogs, Facebook, Tiktok, or any other platforms.

Step 3


Earn a surprising amount of commission with every qualified product purchase. We provide additional benefits by monitoring your performance as well.

    How do I earn from the program?

    You earn when the customers from your referral install our product. We will credit you within the week of the installation. We also provide you with other opportunities to support you and help you grow.

    How Can I Sign Up?

    You can sign-up for the affiliated marketing program by filling out the form.

    We will review your application and approve it.

    How do I qualify for the program?

    Mahendra Purifier sees potential in every enthusiastic candidate. If you have good communication skills in any preferred language like English, Nepali, Hindi, or even your community language, you are fit to become an affiliate.

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